Transnistria Project



Your gift to The Transnistria Project will help us to love and equip the people of Transnistria.

Calvary Fellowship Church is returning to the Transnistria region in Moldova with a team of 15 members.  The trip is scheduled for October 5th – 14th, 2018 and will focus on encouraging, caring for and sharing the gospel with the orphans and partnering with local pastors by providing a Pastors Conference. 

Calvary Fellowship Church has enjoyed a partnership with the Transnistria region of Moldova in Eastern Europe over the past fifteen years. Transnistria was part of the Soviet Union and the people there have been ravaged by economic and political sanctions, which have left the church and the people of this region with few partners and resources. Past trips have focused on encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ, who have struggled since the break-up of the Soviet Union. 

Our goal is to be salt and light in the name of Jesus Christ and to help some of these forgotten orphans and fellow believers to realize that God has not forgotten about them and they are important to Him. We want to continue to build lasting relationships with Transnistria orphanages by running a VBS, doing some work projects, interacting with the children and staff and supporting the evangelistic efforts of local church workers.

This year, we will run a VBS and may perform some light construction, painting, and other projects at the Popenki Orphanage. In addition, Carl Green will be conducting a Pastors Conference during our stay in Transnistria to instruct and encourage church leaders in this region.

Our team will also attend local churches and visit with some of the children who are part of the Help The Children Ministry, which focuses on placing orphans into Christian homes and educating teenagers who are aging out of orphanages how to care and provide for themselves.  Team members will also have an opportunity to participate in English Clubs, an outreach for young adults, organized by the local churches.

As you can imagine, orphaned children in Transnistria have few options as they grow and enter adulthood. Our partnership with local orphanages and Christian organizations offers hope and opportunity to these young boys and girls.

We ask that you would keep our team and the children of Transnistria in your prayers as we raise the $10,000 needed to support our projects. If you are able to give, please click the “Give Now" button above. Once on the giving page, please add "Transnistria" and the name of the team member you are supporting in the gift notes field.

Thank you for being a blessing to the team and to the children and adults we are going to serve.