Dr. Ron & Sharlynn Rushing

Senior Staff

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About Dr. Ronald & Sharlynn Rushing

Ron and Shar have been married since 1981 and have three adult children and four grandchildren. They met through a summer missions trip with Sudan Interior Mission (SIM USA), while Ron was in seminary and Shar was a student at Dallas Bible College. 

Ron holds both a Doctorate and Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Shar is a registered nurse and holds a B.S. in Bible from Dallas Bible College.

Since his college days at the University of Arkansas, Ron has been engaged in ministry, where he was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ and The Navigators. He has been a pastor, church planter, church consultant, interim pastor, Vice President and Academic Dean, and done pulpit/conference speaking since 1980. 

Ron has been active in academics on a full-time basis for 15 years, and on an adjunct basis for many more. He has taught at the masters and bachelors levels in Theology, Bible, Pastoral Studies, and Leadership. His missions experience has included trips to the following nations: Russia, Belarus, Nigeria, Liberia, Egypt, India, Korea, Nicaragua, and Peru. Ron is passionate about the discipleship and teaching aspects of fulfilling the Great Commission. 

Shar is gifted in the areas of serving and mercy. She has had many opportunities to teach women and children, and works on a part-time basis at a local hospital. Ron and Shar have lived in Tucson, Arizona since 2005.