Kauma Village Training Project – Malawi


Kauma Village is a slum settlement of 45,000 people in the capital city of Lilongwe, Malawi. The name Kauma actually means “dried up” or “no hope,” because of the lack of resources. The people live in severe poverty and lack adequate housing, clean water, and schools. The community has also been ravaged by HIV/AIDS, leaving 5,000 orphans.

Capital City Baptist Church, who has been ministering in Kauma, has identified another great need in the community: the lack of biblical and theological training for pastors and church leaders. To meet this need, they have invited GTN to bring "theological famine relief" to 120 pastors and church leaders from Kauma.

Your gift of $25.00 will pay the costs for one pastor or church leader to attend the 4-day training conference and receive a Bible in their own language. Please join us to help the churches of Kauma be effective agents of gospel transformation. With your help, this dried up place will be called by a new name: Adziwa, meaning “God knows.” Thank you!