Dave & Kim Maddox

Senior Staff


About Dave & Kim

"Developing spiritually healthy disciples, families, leaders and churches in the world's darkest spiritual places."

For over 37 years, Dave and Kim have loved and served Christ by loving and serving God's people. The Maddoxes are active in their local church. Dave serves as an elder. Kim disciples young wives and mothers. In addition, Kim is involved in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and is appreciated as a gifted Bible teacher. 

God wired Dave and Kim to serve Him where many others might not go. In recent months, Kim has pursued greater understanding and involvement in the battle against the global horror of enslaving and trafficking children for the sex industry. 

The Lord put in Dave’s heart the resolve to carefully, yet boldly minister to the persecuted church that worships and serves Christ in nations where Christians are severely oppressed by Communist and Islamic regimes. 

Dave travels in and out of the world's darkest spiritual regions to give desperately needed and longed-for spiritual aid to the persecuted church. Persecuted believers daily face the ubiquitous and unrelenting threats by clinging to Christ in every moment, every decision, every step and every relationship. Dave and Kim serve Christ's church knowing their lives and ministry wholly rely on the provision and protection of the Spirit.  

Dave’s ministry of developing leaders is God-textured by nearly a half-century of serving and interacting with hundreds of leaders. In addition, Dave's ministry draws from his 26 years of church leadership in the US and overseas as a shepherding, discipling, teaching and church-planting pastor-elder; from his 13 years of leadership in Christian higher education; from his work of assessing the quality of leadership at colleges and universities for the US Department of Education; from his participation as a board member with several Christian organizations; from his experience of running two businesses; and from 37 years of marriage and family life with his wonderful wife and their three adult children, one son-in-law and one grandson.  

Research consistently shows that the greatest need in God's global work among unreached people groups, especially persecuted peoples, is the multiplication of spiritually healthy churches by developing spiritually healthy leaders. Personally and professionally, God's grace in Christ is Dave’s boast. The riches of God’s grace is the power of Christ’s Spirit who has cultivated Dave into a mentor who effectively develops leaders regardless of their age, experience and biblical education. In turn, Dave's leader training is fully and firmly rooted in the confident that "God is the author and agent of all growth.