Dave & Kim Maddox

Senior Staff


About Dave & Kim

Christ is our Sovereign King

Grace our sustenance

Faith our strength

Hope our song!

We have sought to spread awareness of those astonishing truths for 40 years. A commitment which has taken us into nearly every state and 46 countries where, supplied by God's treasures in Christ, we. . . 

Develop and multiply spiritually healthy leaders, families and churches in the world's darkest spiritual places. 

We are humbled and grateful for the opportunities to train leaders who train leaders. Our passion is to shine the light of Christ's hope in the spiritually darkest places of the world such as the African Continent, Nepal, India, and South East Asia. 

We go to those regions and others as His servants, in His strength, as conduits of His grace. Our focus is to develop spiritually healthy disciples, families and leaders within the persecuted church overseas.  We pray that God will grace us with courageous empathy so that we might carefully, yet boldly carry out God's kingdom work of spreading the glory of Christ the King in dark places where Christians are harshly (sometimes fatally) opposed by Christ-hating oppressive regimes.

One specific path in which God has taken us in our ministry of training leaders who train leaders, is ministering to survivors of sex trafficking. Christ, who is King and Redeemer is the foundation and fountain from which we share Christ's love, healing and hope to young people who have been abused and broken by years of hateful and dehumanizing bondage at the hands of sex traffickers. God's kingdom mission, which is the church's mission, is our mission; namely, to lovingly share with invisible peoples--both at home and abroad--the good news of God setting us aright with himself, to the glory and praise of His boundless grace in Christ. The core of that hope can be summarized in one sentence; namely: 

Christ, the King who knows us best and loves us most rules with sovereign grace over all things.

Therefore, our ministries to the persecuted church and to survivors of human trafficking wholly rely on the supernatural provision and protection of our Triune God. God's tender care for the most vulnerable among us flows from heaven, because of Christ, by the Spirit's power. 

We cannot express how deeply grateful we are for your prayers--our spiritual lifeline.

In addition, every month when we see the list of our financial supporters, Kim and I rejoice. Love for God and love for others are evident in your sacrificial support of Christ's kingdom work.  As a giving partner, it is our privilege and great praise to include your name in the list of brothers and sisters in Christ who make possible our ministry of hope to the downtrodden and enslaved. Because of your faithfulness, God is changing lives!