Dan & Debbie Smythe

Senior Staff


Your gift will help further the ministry of Dan and Debbie Smythe with Global Training Network, as they seek to encourage and equip church planters, pastors and Christian leaders throughout the Majority World.

About Dan & Debbie

Dan grew up in a pastor’s home in Southern California. His father was a part-time pastor and full-time professor at Pepperdine University. Dan and Debbie have been married for 40 years. They met in high school and got married when Dan graduated from Pepperdine University with his B.A. degree in Biblical Studies. Dan also completed all of his course work for his Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Pepperdine back in the 70s. Debbie’s university degree is in Biology.

Dan and Debbie have two married children and one grandson (Micah) from the marriage of their daughter, Shannon, and her husband, Kevin, who live nearby. Dan and Debbie’s son, Samuel, and his wife, Brieanna, live in California.

Dan’s primary gifts are in the areas of teaching/preaching, encouraging, training, and leadership. Debbie’s primary gifts are in the areas of mentoring, encouraging and equipping women in their own study of the Scriptures.

Dan and Debbie live in Lynden, Washington, which is a few hours north of Seattle (just south of Vancouver, British Columbia).