Bruce & Christie Beyeler

Staff & Board


About Bruce & Christie

Christie serves on GTN’s Staff as an Administrative Assistant. She developed her love of missions while growing up on the mission field where her parents served in many capacities at a boarding school for Native Americans. She has been privileged to travel with GTN to both India and Uganda experiencing firsthand the valuable training that GTN provides. She and her husband Bruce live in Glendale, Arizona. They have three sons and three grandsons. One son lives at home while the others live nearby in the Phoenix area.

Bruce joined the GTN board in 2004. He currently works for a small software company focused on utilizing open-source software in government applications. He previously worked developing applications, consulting, and training engineers in the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, and defense industries. His passion for global missions work has taken him to Mexico, Ukraine, India and Uganda. He is married to Christie and they live in Glendale, Arizona.