Global Justice Mission seeks to:
• Work alongside local leaders to identify, cultivate, and implement ministry programs and projects to aid in holistic community development.
• Educate pastors and civic leaders on how to advocate for justice for the oppressed in their community.
• Help the physically challenged to be holistically transformed and empowered to lead abundant lives.
• Provide training on abuse healing.
• Teach pastors and leaders how to help victims of abuse.
• Care for prostituted women and help them to find healing.
• Train men and women in health and basic hygiene.
• Provide training on biblical sexuality and the sanctity of human life.
Global Justice Mission is committed to:
• Biblically-based action.
• Christ-like sacrifice.
• Holy Spirit-guided discernment.
• Remaining gospel-centered.
• Avoiding unhealthy dependency.
• Keeping God’s glory at the center.
• Remaining indigenous in practice.
• Avoiding the secular/sacred divide.