GTN has a full set of curriculum covering all major doctrines of Scripture. For every training event, we tailor the curriculum to fit the primary needs of the church leaders. We work closely with a few key, trusted, mature, godly indigenous pastors and leaders who give us guidance and direction for what is needed most.

What We Do

• GTN brings quality biblical and theological training to the (mostly) untrained and uneducated indigenous pastors and leaders throughout the Majority World.

• GTN staff begin every training event with 2 Timothy 2:2 and challenge every pastor to commit to multiplying what they learn to at least 3 other pastors within the next 3-5 years.

• Our staff are well-educated (Bible College, Seminary, etc.) and have served for 20 or more years in pastoral and cross-cultural ministry.

How We Do It

• GTN provides a 2-3 year program for indigenous pastors that is comprised of one week of training per quarter – in total, 8 to 12 quarterly training sessions. In between each on-site training event, the pastors have homework and reading assignments to carry out in preparation for the next training event.

• Single training events are also provided for specific groups who are unable to make the 2-3 year training program time commitment. In spite of the short timeframe, we believe that one week of training on Inductive Bible Study or Hermeneutics, for example, is still well worth the time and effort. Those who attend will be far better prepared to effectively preach, teach and lead their congregations.

• GTN brings training to national pastors in their particular region, thereby reducing substantial hurdles of transportation and time spent away from family and the church. We believe that this is the most effective place for training to take place: in their own community, within their culture, among their people.

Also, as a final note, GTN only provides training in areas where an invitation has been extended via national leaders. Another caveat is that we must work in conjunction with a reputable leader in-country to coordinate the logistics of each training event.

Our long-term curriculum covers these key doctrines:

The Holy Spirit
The Trinity
The Church
Future Things

The following topics are also regularly incorporated into GTN’s training:

New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey
Church History
Hermeneutics (how to correctly interpret Scripture)
Inductive Bible Study
Homiletics (how to preach and teach)
Pastoral Counseling
Pastoral Theology
Human Sexuality
Women in Ministry
Dealing with Trauma, Loss & Grief
Conflict Management
Devotional Life & Spiritual Formation
World Religions and Cults
Missions and the Great Commission
Studies of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 (the qualifications for pastors and elders)
Verse-by-verse exposition through key books of the Bible